Jakarta Relaxation Massage


Massage helps the body adapt to climate change

Actually beneficial for our body massage , namely :

Relaxation .

Consists of mental and physical relaxation relaxing , stress , or accept responsibility can lead to mental stress . Anxiety , intensity of thought which tend to be excessive and improper posture can lead to physical and mental stress . Relaxation to calm the mind – the mind is drifting like crazy also relax the physical body so that blood can circulate smoothly .

Recovery from fatigue .

Hard physical labor or excessive exercise can cause acid that builds up in the muscles – the muscles that cause pain . The massage is very effective in improving blood circulation and helps get rid of clots that cause acid on muscle pain .

Prevent disease .

When the blood goes smoothly , it can keep your mind and body functions remain normal . Through massage the blood can flow smoothly and maintained that increase stamina .

Relieves pain .

Maintaining a smooth blood circulation is a key inhibitor of the aging process . Massage helps overcome the problem of poor circulation of blood and blood stagnation .

Accelerate the recovery of environmental change .

When the weather suddenly changes , your body does not adapt quickly enough to get sick . Massage helps the body adapt to climate change .


Not a few people doing massage even though they do not have health complaints . A lot of people each doing massage aims to find emotional balance that comes from touching and being touched by other people