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Pijat dapat membantu penyembuhan berbagai penyakit

Massage can help cure various diseases. Various health issues can be addressed with massage Proper and correct. The Tired bodies can also refreshed after a massage.
in some cases, massage can also help sufferers Insomnia or Trouble sleeping.
Effective Massage
In order to obtain maximum results, you should shower first before doing the massage .. dust or sweat on The gross weight can seep into the pores – pores or inhibit the absorption of certain types of essential oils used for massaging Yang
You can also ask the type of massage matching your wants and needs. Do you want a massage with pressure Hard or soft
Do you love massage and use it as a form of preventative health care?
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Merisspa mobile massage is service gives you the ultimate luxury of having a personally customized massage in the comfort or privacy of your own home or hotel room.
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Traditional Massage full body massage for relaxation
Scrub Massage full body massage and body scrub to remove dead skin cells
pregnant women massage and after childbirth
Baby & Child full body massage special for baby and kid
facial massage