mobile massage jakarta

Welcome to merisspa

Merisspa massage service calls to your place , you need help using the right massage techniques , to provide a real experience .
We offer pijtan to feel the benefits of massage therapy and found that the positive effects on your body recover .
Merisspa using basic massage movements to improve circulation and remove toxins from the body .
Gentle pressure is used to relax the muscles and circulation .
Other techniques such as Kerik can also help recovery , flu , colds .
Reflection massage , hands , and feet .
When doing a foot massage then produced more endorphins to block pain to the brain .
People who have pain will get significant relief from reflection .
If you want to feel fitter massage is most effective when done at least once a month or more .
Therapeutic massage is a medically proven method for restoring your health .
You will enjoy the benefits of massage include …
Relieves muscle tension
reduce stress
Blood circulation
And there are many more benefits of massage
We are open every day.

contac tus to schedule a massage session .