Coffee Scrub Massage

scrub massage

Coffee scrub to improve circulation and circulatory O2 edge and Eliminate tired skin

Coffee scrub to improve circulation and circulatory O2 edge and Eliminate tired skin . As well as chocolate scrubs , coffee scrubs are antioxidants contained in coffee can prevent premature aging , accelerating the exfoliation of dead skin cells . Skin becomes brighter , moist and smooth the skin makes the skin brighter .
Besides containing caffeine content of coffee also have fruit acids , organic acids , fats , Al kaloid , Minerals , Potassium , Magnesium and Iron are useful for skin care .
In order for the Coffee Scrub skin .
Cleaning Acne scars , stains black spots .
Maintain skin moisture , repair damaged skin , lifting the cell – dead skin cells , neutralizes skin irritation and provide nutrients to the skin .
Eliminate body odor .
Eliminating Cellulite resembling orange peel , which in thigh , abdomen and buttocks and can be removed by using natural ingredients .
Coffee powder mixture is done routinely in order to eliminate cellulite in the body .
Another benefit that you can get from this treatment include skin tightening , prevention of diseases caused by free radicals substances , and overall relaxation process triggered by the smell of coffee is efficacious relax tense nerves .
How to make coffee scrub .
A glass coffee powder .
Three tablespoons of olive oil or milk .
Mix all ingredients into a bowl and stir until blended .

Scrub own coffee concoction is ready for use .
Apply the mixture on your body coffee scrub , massage gently in a circular motion , so the caffeine content pervasive in the thigh , abdomen and buttocks .

Let stand for 30 minutes in order to absorb into the skin .
After that, rinse with warm water and get healthy skin , soft and glowing ..
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