the importance of food for children

healthy fit

heathy living

The times have turned us into an unhealthy man . Due to a wide variety prodak has served the community many actual toxic . Drinks are available in the community ready now so creepy . It could even directly cause illness if consumed by children – children . Many chemicals in it like dyes , artificial sweeteners etc that the material is very difficult for us to read . There’s even one prodak according to a source I read dibuku made ​​of glass cleaner .

Just imagine if the glass cleaner that enter our bodies what is going to happen . It would be a lot of damage that occurs in our bodies , not just our stomachs were exposed to the kidneys , liver cancer and even ready to threaten us . Why is this product still sold freely ? There is a bribery and want to suppress the population by poisoning us with unhealthy drinks . From now on do not consume drinks containing soda , concentrated dye and see the material – the material is made ​​of . If the material is hard for us to read , many using a foreign language I suggest you do not drink it . If you still insist taking a look at what is happening to you .

Not only free drinks were outstanding with a very dangerous substance . But even eat today was very, very eerie . Just imagine if I had not wanted to eat it . It tastes good blind us to not eat it . Many chemicals in it that cause tasty and delicious . Tongue we ‘ve fooled by what is in the community now . Culture now also been turned into consumer unhealthy .

See now the disease spreads so rapidly , and the smaller the number of human lives about 60 years . Look past them backwards using natural ingredients , herbal remedies high life figures . They took herbs that are around the house , do not have to break a lot of money to come to the doctor . My suggestion to fix our mindset that modern behavior need not consume fast food , drink unhealthy and expensive treatment . Return on natural and herbal remedies