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Good food for pregnant women

Good food for pregnant women is very important to know in order to maintain the health of mothers during pregnancy and to get a healthy condition of the fetus during pregnancy to birth later . Pregnant women certainly is a gift of the divine infinite . And these favors we will be very grateful not ? In welcoming the baby of course the mothers or prospective mothers will surely provide the best for their children , especially to get the intake of nutritious and healthy food , good for pregnant women to the fetus itself and food
The food is healthy and good for pregnant women is foods that contain carbohydrates , it contains a lot of fiber , protein , vitamins or foods can be a healthy four five sempurna.Tetapi should komsumsilah these foods within normal limits . What foods should , let us describe this by personal experience , Hopefully will result in a child who is smart , intelligent and sehat.Amin ….

Carbohydrates .
It is very good to add energy to the physical strength pregnant women , such as white rice , bread , corn , sago , potatoes and much more . Consumption is just enough
Protein .
Milk is a source of high protein , for pregnant women will need this protein would increase , not to a lack of protein because it will cause disruption to the growth of the fetus in the womb . Foods that contain lots of protein diantarnya peas , eggs , milk , meat and soybean . Tempe has a vegetable protein content is very high . Many many are eating tempeh , the food is simple but has a high nutritional value and can prevent osteoporosis ( bone loss ) and blood deficiency or anemia .

Vegetables .
Almost all kinds of vegetables for both women consumed green vegetables hamil.Terutama contains vitamin ranging from vitamins A , B , C , D , E and vitamin K. To improve the content of breast milk , pregnant women should consume cinnamon leaf , cinnamon leaf as beneficial to the smooth Asi later if breast-feeding her baby , how to consume can be cooked as a vegetable meal

Calcium .
Calcium is essential for the growth of baby’s teeth and bones , calcium deficiency if the fetus is not a good will result in pertumbuhannnya . The content of calcium can be obtained from corn , shrimp or crab for example . This type of good seafood consumption for pregnant women , because it is very good for baby’s brain growth and result in a healthy and intelligent children in the future .

Fresh fruits .
Almost all fruit no side effects her . So always try to eat fruit every day , can be varied if eaten just be bored with in the juice . Fresh fruits as an antioxidant that can boost immunity to maternal or fetal
In addition there is good food to eat , there are also some foods that are not recommended for pregnant women . But back to the condition of the strength of the pregnant women , pregnant women because each has different health conditions . For pregnant women who have the nature ngebo ( Javanese term ) almost no restrictions for consumption . But for pregnant women weak condition will greatly affect all if these foods are consumed

Some food taboos for pregnant women include :
• Avoid smoking , with clear warnings for pregnant women , because it can interfere with a healthy pregnancy can result in miscarriage and even fetal abnormalities

• Avoid eating a lot of fruits that contain alcohol such as durian , durian because it can increase blood pressure in the eating , being tetep pregnant women should keep their blood pressure to remain stable

• Avoid Fast Food food or fast food . These foods also contain fiber in addition to not contain a lot of preservatives and flavor enhancers are high , so it is not good for baby’s brain development . We recommend the consumption of natural seasoning spice used for cooking

• Avoid carbonated beverages or soft drinks like Fanta , Sprite , 7up , cocacola , and much more

• Avoid eating seafood types of shellfish , as is currently difficult to find chemical -free mussels , clams on the market contain a lot of mercury that has been contaminated by heavy metals and these substances are not good for fetal development .

Thus several tips about good food for pregnant women , may be useful for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy mothers . Hopefully, given the ease in pregnancy