herbal asam urat

Coping with gout naturally now it has become a trend even as needs . People are increasingly aware to start back to nature in treating and addressing a variety of diseases . The use of natural herbal ingredients to address the impact of the disease is believed to provide healing and more optimal overall . This dikarekan use of natural herbal ingredients will promote and optimize the body to strengthen themselves in the face of illness . Immune system is a major goal in the treatment system naturally with natural herbal ingredients .
On this occasion we will present some of the recipes to be practiced by anyone who wants to overcome gout naturally . We will present some herbal potion recipes for uric acid in the hope could be practiced according to the conditions and availability of raw materials that can be obtained by gout sufferers in the surrounding environment .
But before practicing this uric acid herbal ingredients , it should be understood that in carrying out the treatment or menterapi gout with natural ingredients also should pay attention to the various restrictions that should be avoided by people with gout . Will be an attempt futile treatment if various restrictions are still violated . To find food restrictions for gout sufferers
Below we present some herbs for gout . Silahkn you run the appropriate availability of herbal raw materials around you .

• Material I:
Sative 3 tbsp nigella ( black cumin )
2lembar leaves tempuyung
sdkt cinnamon
10 bay leaves
700 cc of water

How to make it :
After being washed , boiled water until the remaining 200 cc , filtered, then drink while hangat.memasukkan leaves when boiling water to avoid oxidation of volatile oilnya

• Materials II :
Cinnamon -thumb
5 grams of nutmeg
5 grains of cardamom
5 grains of cloves
200 grams of red sweet potatoes
10 grains of pepper
15 grams of red ginger
200 cc of liquid milk
1500 cc of water

How to make it :
Once boiled concoction was washed until the water remaining 500 cc . Strain and add milk , drink while warm .

materials III :
2sdm nigella sativa ( seed / black cumin powder )
30gram sidafolia ( sidogurih queen )
1jari red ginger
3daun red betel
sdkt anise
boil all ingredients , with water 3gelas in saaat cook on medium heat until boiling reduce heat remaining 2 cups . divide drink two cups in the morning and evening for one
• week .

• Material IV :
The poor apple (room beauty )
2sdm vinegar
1 slice of pineapple young
2batang citronella
chopped apples and nanasrebus with a little water , put citronella , cooked lift give a sealed container when cool then pour the vinegar , cover and let 3hari – 1minggu . Storage may be added honey , stir before storage .

• Material IV :
1 apple fruit Manalagi
2 tablespoons ginger juice
3 tablespoons ginger juice
Lime juice
salt to taste
0.5 cups of boiled water

How to make it :
Once the material is washed , united and made ​​into juice and drink 3 times a day