healthy and nutritious food

Nutritious food is the meaning of
Healthy communities , healthy single country .. , in a healthy body there is a healthy soul .
Nutritious food is enough food kwalitas and contain the necessary elements of the body in amounts that suit your needs.
Before choosing the food menu is worth unknown content of the food is not merely a matter of making a full stomach , but the food is said to be healthy if the food contains proteins carbohydrates, miniral , fat, and Vitaminised .

Healthy foods are very useful to build up the body even replace the body’s cells are already damaged , the other things will also produce hot food and energy in our body.
Protein, minerals , water , foods containing these elements played a key role in developing cells of body tissues , then carbohydrates and fats are useful elements to provide energy so that we can perform daily activities .
Vitamins and minerals are also very important for the body , these elements play a role in the body’s tissues jobs regulator .
Elements dikomsumsi food ought to be noted the equilibrium to suit the needs of one’s body .

As we know together, the term four of five perfectly healthy at the moment is not popularized yet, because a lot of the wrong people define the term, is considered the staple food is the most important by ignoring supplements , food products that provide heat and energy in the body is food that contains carbohydrates , can we find on rice , corn , potatoes , and cassava .
While protein can be found in animal protein such as food fish , meat and eggs while Vegetable Protein found in plants that is know , tempeh and nuts

Please note that the protein must be present in every meal because needed by the body, sometimes in a food proteinya content are often not complete therefore we very need to eat food of all kinds .

Not only that , it also useful for producing heat and energy, such as in the case with carbohydrates can be stored as fat in the body as a backup energy supply , and fats are found in animal foods , milk , cheese , and egg yolks , some of the plants such as palm oil , beans and corn.

All of the elements of the food we post above, do not miss the most useful one in the body that is, water that can not be neglected with the water content in the body, so far as possible should be preserved so that the water that goes right to the exit .
In the body of water is very useful as a solvent to help the process of chemical digestion tract , maintaining the concentration of salt in the body’s tissues .

Hence the importance of the body, mengkomsumsi nutritious foods and contain the elements required by the body but eating it does not have to be expensive .

Hopefully .. community we understand the function of nutrition, health ION .