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Four of five perfectly healthy

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Four of five perfectly healthy , an idiom about food and health are popular for our nation . The concept of four of five perfectly healthy turns sometimes still understood by most people is less precise . Four of five perfectly healthy understood that these components should be available once in every activity of eating .

Application of four of five perfectly healthy that actually consume the elements gradually. We have the capacity and body rhythms in response to food intake . The most important thing is not to enter four of five perfectly healthy , but how digestion . Good eating is eating that promotes digestive rhythms of the body .

Fruit is one of the important elements in the diet is beneficial for our health support . Consumption of fruit as a supplement in order to meet the food menu four of five perfectly healthy . This is because the fruit has nutrients and nutrients needed by the body .

In fruit mengadung some element that is necessary for the health of our bodies , which is the main content of the fruit consists of water , vitamins , minerals , fiber , antioxidants and carbohydrates . The benefits of each of these elements for our bodies , among others :
body requires a balance of the amount of water available so that the numbers need to be maintained . Sebaikknya we consume 2 liters of water in 1 day , this water demand can be met , among others, by consuming the fruit .

Vitamins and minerals
most fruits contain essential vitamins such as vitamin C and E. While minerals in fruits such as calcium , zinc and manganese . Vitamins and minerals are substances that are working to help the process of metabolism in the body’s cells .
free -radical scavengers are substances that enter the body . Substances contained in pollution , cigarette smoke and vehicle when met with cholesterol in the body, it forms ulcers in the body that can damage endothelial cells in blood vessels . Due to continued is cholesterol will stick in our veins .

energy source for the body to carry out normal activities . The fruit also has a complex carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose . And this is very important and has advantages because fructose does not require insulin entry so as not to burden the pancreas work . If damaged , it can cause diabetes . So it is different when we consume sugar .

To get optimum benefit , then you should consume 10 servings of fruits with 10 different color every day . For example : banana , pineapple , mango , apple , orange , brown , Duku . One serving of whole fruit , so it must be stressed that such consumption is not just a piece of sweet salad . It is intended colors of different fruits contain different substances that can complement each other to meet the substances needed by the body .

Tips to choose fruit that is choose which color is shiny because it contains phytachemicals as antioxidants , but it contains more vitamins and minerals than fruit whose skin is dull .